Palin By The Numbers

People say many things that are subject to interpretation. However its hard to mislead when it comes to reporting actual numbers. Consider the picture of Sarah Palin that these numbers paint.

$100,000.00 – fee charged by Palin for giving a speech after resigning as Governor.

$150,000.00 – amount RNC paid for clothes for the Palins.

$250,000.00 – amount Discovery Channel paid Sarah Palin for each of 8 episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

$888,000.00 – amount of a tax credit paid by Alaska tax payers to TLC as a result of wages paid to Sarah Palin for starring in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

$5,500,000.00 – amount of federally funded earmarks Wasilla received while Palin was Mayor.

$35,000.00 -  amount Palin paid per year for the lobbyist hired by Palin while mayor of Wasilla to obtain earmarks.

$26,000,000.000 – amount of federal tax dollars spent by Palin on the “Road to Nowhere”, a road leading to the edge of a cliff where the bridge was originally intended to be built, but was canceled before construction of the road was started. According to the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, a group promoting “sensible transportation systems in the state,” the “Road to Nowhere” was an “irresponsible waste.”

$27,000,000.00 – amount of federal earmarks Palin secured with the help of her hired lobbyist for Wasilla’a town of 6,700 residents.

$197,800,000.00 – amount requested in earmarks for Alaska while Palin was Governor; a total of 31 earmarks representing more per person than any other state in the United States.

$233,000,000.00 – amount requested by Palin for the “Bridge to Nowhere”.

$3,000.00 – amount of debt incurred by each resident of Wasilla  during the time Palin was mayor.

$50,000.00 – amount of city funds Palin used without authorization to redecorate Mayor’s office in Wasilla, including red wallpaper that made it look “like a bordello” according to Wasilla City Council member.

$1,200,000.00 – amount of debt of Wasilla had when Palin began as mayor.

$24, 800,000.00 – amount of debt of Wasilla  had when Palin left as mayor.

0 – number of Palin children who are college age and enrolled in college

1 – number of New York Muslim cab drivers stabbed after Palin posted her Facebook post relating to the New York Mosque saying “doesn’t it stab you in the heart?”

1 -  Arizona Congresswoman targeted by Palin and a mentally ill young man.

1 – number of children of Meghan Stapelton, Palin’s spokesperson, and one of her most trusted aides. Stapleton quit to “spend more time with her husband and one child.”

2 – number of Palin children who are college age

2 – number of bendable straws required for any speaking appearance by Sarah Palin.

3 – number of days Palin stayed home after giving birth to Trig.

4 – age of Diana Palin’s daughter, Sarah Palin’s neice, who accompanied Diana during the heist.

5 – number of colleges and number of years Palin attended college while attempting to earn a four-year degree.

8 – number of months between Palin’s marriage to Todd and the delivery of a full term infant.

8 – number of months Palin was pregnant with her fifth child whom she knew would be born with Down’s syndrome, when she opted to travel to Texas.

10 – number of hours Palin flew on airplanes from Texas to Alaska, while in labor and leaking amniotic fluid.

15 - number of minutes for the meeting between McCain and Palin in their first meeting and the only one before the meeting in which McCain offered Palin the position as his running mate.

17 – number of months Palin failed to serve as Governor of Alaska after she resigned.

18 – number of months left in Palin’s term as Governor when she quit.

21 – number of months Palin had served as Governor of Alaska before McCain tapped her as his Vice Presidential running mate.

25 – number of adjectives in Game Change that described Sarah Palin, and were indicative of some type of mental illness, or imbalance.

166 – number of times Palin used something written by someone else in America by Heart.

2007 – the year in which Sarah Palin first obtained a passport

2008 – Palin failed to secure a hunting license

2009 – Palin failed to secure a hunting license

2010 – the year Palin gave the keynote speech for the convention of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas, the keynote speech for the International Bowling Expo in Las Vegas, and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.