Making a Difference

People across the country have been offended by the ignorance and hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.  Voters were offended that John McCain chose someone to serve as the Vice President who was so ill equipped to take his place.  Two years after the 2008 election, Palin is even more popular among millions of Americans.  She is talking about the possibility of running for President in 2012. 

The majority of Americans passionately oppose Palin, yet because Palin has so successfully turned herself into a celebrity, we must remain vigilant.  Palin has inspired people to donate millions of dollars.  She appears on national television on Fox “News” and in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.   Even though she resigned from public service, she has convinced millions of people that she cares about their future, instead of her personal wealth.   Even though she proclaims herself to be a Republican, she effectively prevented the Republican Party from taking control of the Senate through her endorsements of Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Joe Miller.   

Regardless of political ideology, all Americans should demand that the people we consider for the highest office in the land be educated, honest, experienced, and intelligent.  BS is sorely lacking in each of these areas.  Thus Republicans, Democrats, Independents and members of the Tea Party must stand together and say “no” to Beautiful Sarah. 

In an effort to raise awareness of the danger of electing the half-term ex-Governor to the Presidency, every week a new video will be posted on YouTube.  The video will be a montage of people who are willing to speak out against Sarah Palin.  Your personal contribution is essential. Whether you are a celebrity or simply an individual voter, hoping to make a difference, we need your help.  By submitting your contribution to justsaynotobs@gmail.com your voice will be heard.  Ideas for contributions might include:

  1. Pictures of signs made from your computer, or some that you or your children made saying why you are opposed to Palin.  They could simply say “No to B.S.” 
  2. Video footage of you, your child, or friend saying why you oppose Palin, or just saying “NO to BS.”  One possible statement could be…

“I’m a _______________________(Republican, Tea Party member, retired person, lesbian, homosexual, Constitutional law professor, single mother, Muslim, member of the armed forces, etc) and I say no to BS.”  The videos can be of you individually or groups of people.  They can be done in an interview format, or individual statements.  You can tell your name or not.  You can tell the name of your state or not.  There are virtually no limitations, but I request that you refrain from name calling or using foul words.  Adjectives describing Palin are appropriate. 

You will continue to see daily posts on malialitman.wordpress.com, and on justsaynotobs.wordpress.com.  Every week we will post a new YouTube video with your submissions to justsaynotobs@gmail.com.  Please pass on a reference to all of your friends and family of this website so that we can work together to ensure the education of the American people.  Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you,

Malia Litman